3 Best Ways to avoid CrossFit injuries


In a sense, training always carries a risk of injury and Crossfit is no exception. And that, my friends, is the biggest downside to this otherwise amazing sport. So how do we get passed the injury prone phase (apart from quitting, which might be ok for some but not for us)?

#1 Get you Ego straight and pace yourself!
Especially in the beginning, just leave your ego at the door, because it doesn’t matter how much weight you lift if you lift it wrong! Start low, work on your mobility and increase the weights only when you’re ready. Got it?

And know when to ease up on the training too. Because when you push yourself to the point where you loose technique, you become a danger to yourself, which is especially true for beginners when muscle memory is being formed in the first stages of Crossfit. So when you push yourself to a point where you’re not in control anymore, you just ingrain bad patterns into your form and will eventually get injured.

#2 Acquire Technique:
Find yourself a qualified coach that explains the movements before you start AND do your own research. All movements need to be explained, not just the Clean&Jerk, Squat or Deadlift. So if your coach doesn’t do that, just find another one. Because you wouldn’t imagine how many people can’t even do a push-up with correct form…

So pay attention and be accountable for your training. Find the content you want, listen to your crossfit coach, film yourself, etc. and keep improving (technique wise, strength wise and endurance wise).

#3 Eat/Sleep/Drink:
Listen to and respect your body!!
Eat well (not mandatory to go all out paleolithic, but well enough), sleep well and drink a lot of water. Nothing magic about it. There’s a lot on the subject out there, so use it.

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