5 Essential Progression Principles in CrossFit


1. Overload

In order for your body to show fitness benefits, specific crossfit performance gains, cardiovascular capacity improvements, muscle strength advances or weightlifting progress, you need to expose it to an overload.

2. Progression

Progression: As your body adapts to your crossfit training sessions, you’ll need to increase the amount of weights or speed to challenge yourself. This is intimately linked to the overload principle as it also needs to increase if your body’s response to crossfit is positive.

3. Specificity

Specificity: Your body will adapt differently to diverse types of crossfit training. Focusing on cardio or powerlifting for example will generate very different results. And while either type of training is substantially beneficial for your general health, the response from your body will be very different.

4. Recuperation

Recuperation: Either between sets or between crossfit workouts, your system needs time to recuperate. Particularly, sleep is a much underrated part of training which required your attention.

5. Reversibility VS Overuse

Reversibility VS Overuse: If you stop doing crossfit, your body will go back to what it was before or simply get weaker. But it is definitely possible to do too much, especially in the beginning stages where you can develop injuries by exceeding your body’s capacity. Hard work is great, but be sure to know yourself and progress gradually to keep crossfiting for a long time.

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