Learning to perform all these movements effectively is no easy task, whether you’re a newbie CrossFitter or a seasoned veteran. So we packed the following sections with meaningful videos to help you increase your strength and cardio, while reducing the risk of injuries.

Our Movements videos are split into 4 categories which you can use to focus on specific areas of your training. Or you can scroll to the bottom portion of the page where all movements are readily available.

Click on the Movement Categories below to go through to the associated movements descriptions:

Fundamental WeightliftingBodyweight ExercisesPlyometricsEndurance Sports

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Clean & JerkDeadliftKettlebellPressSnatchSquatChin-UpHandstand Push-UpLungeMuscle-UpPull-UpPush-UpRing DipBox JumpBox Mountain ClimbersBurpeeDouble UnderSquat JumpPlyo Push-UpToes to BarWall-BallCyclingRowingRunningSwimming